Tomasi Construction – Les Halles Residential Building Real Estate

No limits for innovative and attractive solutions.

The client’s request was to develop a residential project to occupy a corner lot, in an upscale region in Curitiba, for an audience with medium-high purchasing power.

As a premise, the construction should get the most out of the building potential of the lot, according to the land use laws at the time, which were being altered do include new construction parameters that would significantly limit the use of the lot.

The lot’s reduced dimensions limited the location of the building, which should reach the maximum possible number of floors and residential units. The apartment areas should be on a range that reached the public audience.

The plastic aspect would be the key-element, since its frontage faced a street of intense traffic of vehicules and pedestrians. It was also important to get the most out of the insolation to favor apartments, which would also need a number of parking spaces compatible with their occupation.

As a result, the winding orientation of the tower made it visually interesting, thanks to the form and elements of the facade, at the same time that it respected the lot’s conditions, providing the best possible use of the privileged view and insolation.

The construction totals approximately 7.500 square meters, distributed over two underground parking floors and 17 floors, with the ground and first floors destined for leisure and service areas, and 15 floors for apartments, occupied by 30 units with top-level finish.

Project executed in partnership with architect Luciana Patrão.