ABS Pumps Corporate

Total upgrade of spaces without the need for extension.

A benchmark in the market of hydraulic pumps, the premise of ABS was the upgrade of corporate spaces in their headquarters, in the city of Curitiba, without extending their physical space.

A careful analysis carried out by Logi Architecture in the environments that needed work pointed out a number of aspects that could improve, regarding physical space, capable of increasing the environmental quality and the users’ productivity.

Within this scenario, the project development included, among others:
– a new lighting design, with the careful specification of lamps and fixtures, resulting in a more efficient artificial lighting system, designed based on efficiency calculations, investment x return time, and meeting comfort and safety parameters;
– specification of materials and linings, based on the concern with visual comfort, using colors and reflections and acoustic comfort, with proper control of sound absortions and reflections;
– internal flow studies and new layouts, improving the connection between internal sectors and the internal logistics of the environments;
– specification of new furniture, adequate to each function and ergonomic recommendations;
– modular ceiling and high-rise floors, providing flexibility for layout changes and easy maintenance.

As a result, the client got more efficient and pleasant environments, directly translated into gains in the team’s satisfaction and productivity.