Logi specializes in retail chains and franchises, whose success is intimately connected to issues such as recognition by the public audience, maintaining a visual pattern for the brand, agility, coordination and strict deadline compliance. In this segment, “roll out” projects are common, where a large volume of points of sale, in different locations, undergoes interventions at the same time. With organized internal processes, a qualified team and the ability to operate in different regions, we have attended to contractors and banks, telephony providers, laboratories, pharmacies, beauty salons, gas stations, among other chains, providing services such as:

  • design intent;
  • rebranding;
  • surveys;
  • architectural projects;
  • complementary projects;
  • coordination of the actors involved in the projects.

With expertise in corporate projects and a vast knowledge in approval processes with public agencies, Logi provides services in the development of new buildings and the remodeling of existing spaces, whether company headquarters, branches or others. Because of that, among our clients are clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, industries, graveyards, print shops, car dealerships, gyms, distribution and logistics centers and many others. We offer:

  • thorough and detailed architectural projects;
  • coordination and harmonization of complementary projects;
  • flow studies;
  • project approval and visa collection;
  • projects for the remodeling and adjustment of existing spaces;
  • retrofits;
  • consulting.

We provide services for contractors, developers, investors and individuals, developing thorough architectural projects and coordinating the actors involved in the process. Pioneer in the use of BIM in its internal processes, Logi today is a reference in this technology, which allows us to deliver results to the client with the utmost quality and credibility, eliminating the distance between the project and the construction. We offer:

  • guidance in land acquisition;
  • numerical viability studies;
  • product concepts;
  • product development;
  • thorough and detailed architectural projects;
  • coordination and harmonization of complementary projects.

Special services and institutional projects developed for tenders and public bids.