The conception of work and the business philosophy of Logi Architecture emerged from the very first works of the duo Adriano Lucio Dorigo and Clarisse Maria Petroski Dorigo. Bringing the best solutions to national and international clients since 1999, Logi Architecture acquired a vast experience in real estate, corporate and retail projects, integrating energy, flexibility and commitment while balancing technique and performance in a simple and hassle-free way.

Ethical and determined.
Instructive and functional.
Serious and hassle-free.
Because architecture is half logic and half emotion.

The office brings together, in an inspiring environment, a multidisciplinary technical and administrative staff that is in direct contact with high-end resources, in addition to being creatively involved with the personality of each proposal, its audience and its space.

As an AsBEA-PR associate, Logi is the state’s pioneer in the use of BIM for project development. This contributes to a distinguished final result, thanks to the quality, anticipation of problems and accuracy of information. Because of this experience, the company has provided BIM technology training and implementation planning services to other architectural firms and construction companies.

Using project calendar and quality control systems, Logi’s brand is associated with efficiency, trust and strictness in meeting deadlines. Each service is conducted and managed with great care, which is why Logi stands out from the competition.


To design architecture known for its aesthetic, functional and environmental quality, based on concepts, technologies and trends, meeting the needs of its users.


To be a national and international architectural benchmark for acting according to ethical values, sustainability principles and commitment to society.


Human appreciation;
Concern with the environment and the urban context.