Via Aventura Climbing Gym Corporate

The largest indoor climbing wall in Latin America and other challenges.

Located in an upscale area of Curitiba, the Via Aventura Fitness and Climbing Gym was designed to serve the public interested in practicing climbing and conventional gym-goers.

From the passion for the sport and the clients’ dream of building the largest indoor climbing wall ni Latin America, with infrastructure capable of receiving stages of national and international championships in the city, the planning process began.

Infrastructure capable of receiving stages of national and international championships in Curitiba.

Logi Corporate’s work began by seeking a site in the city of Curitiba that brought together a strategic location for the building’s target audience, compatibility of the zoning parameters with the requirements of the gym’s functional program and cost of the lot.

With approximately 2.500 m² of constructed area, the project should get the most out of the area for climbing walls and, at the same time, comply with the conditions of the existing urban legislation.

Even with the short deadline defined by the entrepreneur, the project was designed with a mixed system of pre-fabricated metallic in loco structure, aiming a fast execution, with reduced waste, which fit the needs of the program established.

The different levels are connected by panoramic stairs and elevator, giving the users accessibility and comfort. A rainwater harvesting system enables the delivery of water to toilet facilities.

Focused on the indoor climbing modality, the space planned to house a large-scale, 17 meter-high climbing wall, has three parking levels, a ground floor composed of store, snack bar and locker room, two floors holding the fitness and climbing areas and an administrative floor.