Elog Logistics Corporate

International experience in logistics projects.

In a scenario where there is a high diversity of products and where the acquisition of new clients is constant, modifications and updates of physical spaces are frequent and must happen over very short periods, requiring a quick elaboration of the services and a deep knowledge of the laws involved.

Flexible services, always acting with the due integrity and responsibility.

Whether working in large area projects, such as storage warehouses and dry ports, or smaller spaces, such as corporate areas, cafeterias and others, or even in obtaining permits with the city hall, health surveillance or condominiums, among Logi Corporate’s clients are national and international companies (such as Elog, Katoen Natie, DW, Ducargo and CDSUL). This is because our services are flexible, and we always act with the due integrity and responsibility that each service requires.

One of our customers in this segment, Elog, is among the largest in the country in its segment, present in the main import and export terminals in Brazil. Elog is responsible for the logistics chain of national and international companies, and uses Logi Corporate’s services for layout projects and approvals with the health surveillance.